We’ve formally dived into the second month of 2018; I hope some of you have nailed a few new year’s resolutions or, like me, are at least content with instead scratching them off your lists. One resolution I’m sticking to is “increasing my property’s value in 2018”.

Painting is a great way to start increasing your property’s value. The essential factor when taking up this task is finding the right formulated paint, in the right colour, for each room in your house. When choosing a colour, bear in mind that 2018’s trendy colour might not be so hot in 2019. Are you willing to go through this exercise all over again next year? Still, we can most definitely learn from the trends and consider all options. So, let’s see what 2018 has in store!

Dulux announced their Colour of the Year 2018 last year November being “Pictured Rocks”, which is described as a beautiful soft pink. I must admit it looks much better than it sounds, they suggest four different pallets when using the Pictured Rock colour:

Elle Décor did a study of 2018’s trendy colours, and it’s interesting to see the similarities and differences when looking at the above pantones. One very close to Dulux’s Pictured Rocks is Graham & Brown’s Penelope — a sophisticated blush. They have beautiful ideas on how to use this dusky pastel pink shade in your home.

One shade a bit more daring is the vivid Caliente picked by Benjamin Moore, which is a deep vibrant red. Moving even further away from neutral colours are Pantone’s Colour of the Year 2018 Ultra Violet, but Pantone also recognises that pink shades will dominate this year.

We go further to see that serene shades of blue, vibrant yellows and greens, metallic and tech greens are in the running for being the trendiest colours of 2018. It seems like everything and anything goes, as well-stated predictions are that this year is going to be all about going against the grain with your colour choices.

For property owners, this is not necessarily the case, especially if you don’t want your choice of wall colour to influence the quantity of viewers for your rental house. When you decide to paint it’s refreshing to source ideas from the experts and to stay up to date with the latest trends, but it’s essential to make sure the exercise has longevity. Be sure to keep your renters or potential renters in mind when renewing your walls.

Please share your pictures when your rooms are all brand new. Have fun!