What is good tenant etiquette? Preferental is an online property management platform for landlords who would like to manage their properties more effectively. In one of our previous blogs, we discussed some good qualities that a landlord can look for in a prospective tenant from their first encounter. We always strive to guide landlords on how to effectively manage the relationship with their tenants. But what can the tenant do to make the tenancy worthwhile: what makes a tenant a good tenant?

Here are some pointers that a tenant can bear in mind when renting a property to show good tenant etiquette:

  1. Show up on time when you scheduled a viewing of a property. This will show that you have respect for both your time and the landlord’s schedule.
  2. Be honest in your application. Be frank about your monthly income, the number of pets you have and if you’ll receive guests on a regular base. Honesty is the best policy, and it all starts in your application.
  3. Read and understand the lease agreement and additional rules. We all know that a lease agreement can be excruciatingly detailed, but it is for a good reason. A lease agreement is there to protect not only the landlord but also the tenant. It will give you essential information such as when you need to give notice and the number of visitors allowed at the same time. If any disputes arise, you will have the lease agreement to use as a reference.
  4. Pay your rent on time each month. You will avoid penalty fees for late payment. Also, request a monthly receipt to keep as proof.
  5. Consider getting household insurance. The landlord’s insurance usually only covers the dwelling during unforeseen circumstances, like a fire, and it will not always cover the loss of your own belongings.
  6. When you’re in doubt, ask. Do not make assumptions when making decisions regarding the property, like painting a wall or landscaping the garden. Rather ask the landlord’s permission or opinion first.
  7. Do not bend the rules. Rules are put in place to create a peaceful environment on the property, especially if there is more than one rental building on the same premises. If clearly stated rules, such as the number of pets allowed, are violated, it can cause serious penalties and even lead to an eviction process.
  8. Treat the property as if it is your own. Keep the property clean and tidy at all times – you can make use of cleaning services such as SweepSouth once a week, for instance. Do not mistreat the appliances, like the stove, shower or toilet.
  9. Report any damages or issues to your landlord as soon as possible. Your landlord will appreciate it if you inform him of any problems in the property, such as leaking, dripping, cooling and heating issues. Your landlord will be able to address these issues before it becomes a more severe and expensive problem.
  10. Be a good neighbour. Keep the noise levels down and avoid parking on other’s spaces. Being friendly with neighbours will ensure that you will have help when you need it.

Good tenant etiquette will always be in your best interest. It will make your tenancy go a whole lot smoother, and it will ensure that your landlord will give you a good recommendation at the end of your lease period. Your landlord will also go the extra mile to make your stay as comfortable as possible. It doesn’t take much to show respect, and all appreciate it.

Landlords, if you are ready to find a tenant for your property, reach out to our team and we’ll find you a low risk tenant by following a proper vetting process.