boost your rental property's value

To boost your rental property’s value is the goal, and guess what, there is more than one way to do this. As property owners ourselves (find out how Preferental was born), we know this process requires time and effort, but it can yield long-term benefits by attracting tenants who are willing to pay more for a well-maintained property with modern amenities.

There are effective and affordable methods to enhance a property’s value and appeal, regardless of its location or market conditions. Basic improvements like fresh paint, new flooring, improved hardware, and landscaping can work wonders even for a stagnant rental property. If you’re prepared to invest more in your property, here are some budget-friendly ways to upgrade and increase your property’s value.

Budget-friendly ways to upgrade and increase your property’s value:

1. Renovate to Boost Your Rental Property’s Value

What’s the motivation behind upgrading a rental property? Well, it’s clear: higher rental income. Revamping your property has the potential to boost your rental property’s value, making it more appealing to prospective tenants who might be willing to pay a premium to the current rental.

Consider enhancing the kitchen and bathroom with contemporary fixtures and appliances. Repainting the walls and updating outdated fixtures with modern alternatives can also make a difference. These are just a few examples; for more insights on renovations that offer value, you can click here.

2. Energy-Efficient Upgrades

Given the ongoing load-shedding schedules and the growing importance tenants place on the energy efficiency of prospective rentals, this aspect becomes paramount. The logic is clear: a unit or home that is energy-efficient translates to lower monthly utility costs for tenants.

Opting for energy-efficient enhancements like solar panels, double-glazed windows, and insulation offers more than just reduced utility expenses; it will boost your rental property’s value. This makes your property appealing to potential tenants who seek environmentally friendly and economical choices, all while avoiding the inconvenience of frequent power outages.

3. Sharpen Up Security & Boost Your Rental Property’s Value

In South Africa, tenant security is a major concern, making the incorporation of security features crucial. By including measures like gated entrances, security cameras, and alarm systems, you not only enhance tenant safety but also boost your rental property’s value. These enhancements not only address tenants’ safety needs but also position your property as a secure and appealing option in a security-conscious rental market, potentially leading to higher rental rates.

4. Garden Charm and Curb Allure

Creating a positive initial impact is crucial, particularly for tenants eager to sign a lease. Ensure your property’s exterior is both well-maintained and appealing. Modern tenants seek homes that break away from the typical rental appearance. Elevate curb appeal with affordable enhancements such as colourful flower beds, outdoor lighting, and pristine lawn care – modest changes that can rival the aesthetics of neighbouring new developments.

Unfortunately, many rental properties lack visual appeal due to landlords neglecting landscaping duties, often leaving tenants to manage minimal gardening or none at all. Some landlords are hesitant to invest in landscaping, fearing tenants won’t maintain it, even if it involves just a modest investment in shrubs or plants.

5. Location Matters

“Location, location, location” is a real estate cliche for good reason, as it remains a fixed aspect. While you can’t change the location, even seemingly isolated or less desirable rental areas possess unique qualities. Compile a catalogue of nearby amenities, attractions, and destinations, incorporating them into the rental description. Additionally, explore alternative transportation which could reveal your location to be more connected to popular areas than anticipated.

6. Professional Property Management to Boost Your Rental Property’s Value

Opting for a professional property management company like Preferental to manage the ongoing operations of your investment property can also significantly enhance its value. Their expertise in tenant satisfaction and efficient property management can lead to increased rental income and boost your rental property’s value. Check out Preferental’s property management packages here.

7. Regular Maintenance

Regular property maintenance is crucial for preserving its condition and boosting your rental property’s value. This involves routine inspections, upkeep, plumbing and electrical repairs, and pest control. By proactively maintaining your property, you can prevent major issues and ensure it’s in optimal condition for potential tenants. Moreover, a well-maintained property enhances tenant satisfaction, leading to improved retention rates and higher rental income. For comprehensive property upkeep, Preferental offers access to a skilled maintenance partner, Home+.


A final tip: Landlords should begin by addressing fundamental maintenance tasks and gradually venture into cosmetic enhancements. However, it’s crucial to be cautious about overdoing upgrades, which can result in over-improvement. For instance, installing high-end flooring in a rental property where landlord control over tenant treatment is limited might prove unwise. 

Striking a balance between property investment and realistic benefits is key. Keep in mind that increasing your investment property’s value requires time, effort, and financial input. Let Preferental take care of the tenant vetting and property management while you upgrade and increase your property’s value. Get in touch.