Frequently Asked Questions


You can call us at +27 11 568 5240 Alternatively, email us at

Our head office is in Ferndale, Randburg, Johannesburg, Gauteng.

Preferental provide both placement and management service with a twist, Kindly follow the link below to to see our services packages.

We charge an R125pm admin fee plus a percentage dependent on the package (Basic, Legal, Standard, Premium) selection chosen.

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We cover your rent and pay you when your renter defaults. Depending on your selected package, we pay your rent on the 1st of the month on a Premium Package guaranteed for 4 months. We pay your rent on the 5th of the month, guaranteed for 2 months, thus ensuring that your bond is covered on the standard package. No matter if your renters pay late, partial, or nothing. We will collect the rent from your renter or arrange for a repayment schedule with an agreement from the owner.

Preferental and our partnered lawyers will ensure that the right process is followed for a successful eviction to take place if needed. They deal with all processes and communications so that you don’t have to worry about a thing.

We know that you sometimes get bad renters that just don’t care about your property and leave with damages. With Preferental you never have to worry about this again, we cover your property damages to the value of one month’s rental. Our claims process is easy and convenient and designed to make your stress go away. T&C’s apply

Don’t you worry, we keep your renter’s deposit safe in a separate trust account that accrues interest for them.

We have partnered with Xpello, who is one of the best property law firms in SA. Should you require legal services, please send them an email on: so that we can get them to give you a call.

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Before the renter takes occupation of the premises or on the day that the renter moves into the property.

Yes, an incoming inspection activates the property damages claim you have against the renter and the outgoing inspection is required to prove the damages. Both should be conducted and signed with the renter.

Using our app you can always get back to the inspections by clicking on the property, inspections, and view the inspection submitted.

Listing Your Property

The best thing about our prices is that should you not be able to show the property to potential renters, you can still pay a placement fee with an estate agent and just opt to manage your own property. You will still save way more this way and your rent will be guaranteed.

You have 24 hours to inform us. If we hear from you later than 24 hours, you’ll have to pay the R249-00 listing fee again in order to advertise your property again.

Your property will stay active until a renter is placed.

There can be several factors influencing your traffic, namely:

  • Incomplete property details
  • Low quality photos
  • Rental is too high

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Vetting / Applications

We will need the following extra documents for your application to be processed: Business registration certificate, tax compliance letter, 6 months business bank statements, salary confirmation letter from your accountant.

Please ensure you are accessing the application link via Chrome or Firefox to upload your documents. If you are still having this issue, kindly inform us via our email address – You are welcome to email your documents to the same email.

You need to earn at least double the rental amount after your monthly instalments have been deducted.

You can still apply, kindly just upload your passport details instead of a South African ID.

Only two applicants can apply together for one property.

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